Telling secrets to the stars

Today saw the premiere of the new music video for Phebe Starr's 'Tonight', on Interview Magazine.

This is one of my favourite videos that I've done, as it allowed for a more fashionable and artistic statement to be made. The clothing by Adrian Bressanuti provided an exquisite character enhancement for Phebe and Thomas Taylor, the male lead in the video.

This was all about collaboration; I had the pleasure of working with some great new people as well as the usual suspect Pat Frischknecht as DOP. We shot in December at the Mr & Mrs White Studio in Mona Vale, Sydney. Again, the furniture and textiles, as well as the space itself, became another character in the piece. The synergy between all the visual elements blended so well together, which is a testament to all the team involved.

The video itself ended up taking on an eerie persona. I was inspired by the countless horror and ghost flicks I used to watch as a child (I know, that probably explains a lot). This said, I wanted the overall direction of the piece to be sophisticated and visually beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it - stay tuned for another music video release in the next few days... Wink wink...