Brooklyn Beatz

It's fascinating that sometimes, things just come together like magic. Don't you think? The world is full of endless potential associations and patterns. We just need to identify them and bring them together to communicate them.

It went a bit like that with my latest piece for C3 Church Brooklyn. The idea was to compose a song to which the video would be accompanied. Sounds straight forward, just like any video. However, what was different about this composition is that every sound, every beat, every vocal was to be found from footage I shot on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Furthermore, I wanted the visual that corresponded to each sound to remain integrous and unmoved - every sound you hear was to come from the footage you are seeing at that moment.  It's like looking for a needle in a haystack... It's one thing to find a melody, a note or a beat from within hours of footage; but then to make it match up with the previous melody, note or beat is another story. But that's what happened, and to my surprise, quite naturally so.

Once the beat was laid (using a sample from a street drummer and looping it) sounds just emerged from the footage like they were screaming to be in it. My favourite moment was finding a sound from a nearby building site (metal on metal) that clanged in the same key as the rest of the song.

You could say the song built itself, creating a living musical representation of the environment from which the footage came. Cool thought right? Check out the video below

- Matt Sharp