Jurassica Unleashed

I'm proud to announce the release of the latest music video from Matt Sharp Creative, Phebe Starr's 'Jurassica'. Envisioned over a year ago and shot in January this year, Jurassica parallels both the explosion of Starr's music and the flag-fall to my new series of projects. 

It's a video that has evolved and revolved, especially throughout the post production process. This feels apt, given the subject and meaning behind the video. We could have released 50 very different versions of this clip, but the direction chosen in the edit is reflective of successful experimentation and 'letting our hair down' a bit.

I had a great time working with Phebe Starr once again. She is a talented artist who is really starting to make waves both locally and internationally. From the moment I sat down in her home and she played Jurassica to me on her piano (a piano on which perched a toy dinosaur!), an exciting image and direction started to form about the world we would create for the music video. That was just a short time after I directed her debut clip, Alone With You

A year later, and shooting the video came with many challenges and hurdles, but then what shoot doesn't? We managed to pack four locations at polar opposite ends of Sydney into two frantic but lively days of shooting.  From filthy storm debris polluting the river where we shot the river scene, to muddy grounds on the desert location, to beating sun at the cliff location; the crew worked like superheroes to get the video shot, and they did it with passion. 

I was thrilled to be shooting on an Arri Alexa for the first time, which provided stunning images that matched the vision of the piece so well. Patrick Frischknecht (DOP) and his camera crew manned the beast of a thing, weighing in at over 18kg (doesn't sound too bad right? Until you need to walk it through mud and water all day!). But it was all worth it in the end, right Patrick?

I look forward to bringing you a behind the scenes video in the near future, but for now you can see production stills by Charlotte Norsa here.

I hope you enjoy Jurassica as much as I enjoyed making it.

- Matt Sharp